Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Todd v 4.0

As a software designer, Todd is regularly releasing new and improved versions of existing offerings and so it is with his birthday. This year Todd has reached version 4.0.

After speaking to several people at his office, he was afraid that age milestone would signify his body would start falling apart, but I am happy to report his limbs are still attached and organs are running properly.

On Sunday, December 18th all of Todd's family came over to our house to celebrate Todd and his brother Scott's birthday with cake and ice cream.

I have a very talented friend who baked an amazing 'old school' desktop computer and floppy disks for the occasion. That cake was so heavy to hold!

On Todd's actual birthday we celebrated by taking the family to a nearby hibachi grill where the chef entertained us while cooking the food in front of us.

The kids got a kick out of catching food with their mouths. Stella, who I thought may be afraid, loved the onion fire volcano. She told me afterwards in her cute four year old voice "Mommy, that was awesome! I want to come here for my birthday."

Andrew was a champ too. He ate the food as it was served to us, sampling from everyone's plate.

Emilia wanted to try sushi. We decided to order some California rolls to see how she would do. Her face says it all!

Todd decided to take the day off of work to celebrate his birthday. All through the day neighborhood friends dropped off plates of identical cupcakes decorated with toppers with various letters.

By the end of the evening we thought we had unscrambled the message "Todd make your birthday one fantastic hoopla." We were expecting to get one more plate with the missing letters r, o, and e.
After returning from the restaurant we found one more plate on our porch with with totally different letters and had to go back to the drawing board to figure out what it said.

In the end, we received 40 cupcakes that spelled the message "You make 40 look fantastic. Happy birthday Todd!" We have some great friends!