Wednesday, December 14, 2016

South Jordan Candy Land

While the older kids are away, the young ones play.

Most every week I take the two younger kids visit the library to check out new books.

While there we saw three different Star Wars candy displays.

The city of South Jordan sponsors a candy window display among the offices and businesses on Towne Center Dr.

Part of the fun is doing the candy windows candy cane hunt.

Stella, Andrew and I visited all six candy window displays to count how many candy canes were on them.

Some were a breeze, some had upwards of 50-60 on them.

When you have that many it's too hard to really know how many are actually there.

There were several favorite displays. The unicorn was definitely one of them, but so was Snoopy. We have been watching the Charlie Brown movie a lot lately.

There were several others on display but the reflection of the window made them hard to photograph.

The temperature was in the low 30's so we didn't linger long for fear we were going to turn into ice sculptures on display ourselves.