Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bank Field Trip

Stella has been on break from preschool this week as her teacher is out of town. One of the moms I carpool with arranged for a field trip to the bank. We visited Bank of  American Fork in Riverton. Stella was excited to get to see her friends this week.

Chaille Mackie, the operations manager gave us a tour of the facility. She showed the kids the door to the vault and let us all step into the room where they keep the safety deposits.  The kids were mesmerized by the thickness of the walls, floor and ceiling. They also found it interesting that the safety deposit boxes take two keys to open. Jacob Pacini, the boy sitting next to Stella on the couch asked Mrs. Mackie "Can pirates break in without a key?" "Not even pirates can" she replied.

After the vault they folded their arms and visited the tellers station. They saw their cash drawers, and how they print special receipts. They even got to send and retrieve message tubes from the drive-through window.

Andrew was very interested in the cabinets in the teller area as well. He kept trying to open them. After a few futile minutes trying to distract him from a task he was dead set on performing I just had to step out into the lobby. I can't believe how curious and energetic that boy is! He does the same at home.

At the end of their visit each kid received their own $2 bill, a sticker, two suckers and a pink piggy bank shaped key chain.

P.S. Stella asked me to clarify that she was not mad in the picture by the door. The Sun was just in her eyes ;)