Sunday, August 28, 2016

Andrew is One

This 'little' guy turned one in August! A year ago I would not have imagined the delight he would bring into our family. He's been such a delight to Todd and I, but especially the kids who treat him as their own special baby. They squeeze his chubby cheeks, they constantly hug him and kiss him and take him with them wherever they go.

His appearance has changed so much. There are times when I look at him and see a little boy staring back at me instead of a baby. I love the little dimples that appear whenever he smiles.

In the past his stats were barely in the charts (98 percentile). At his one year appointment he was officially off the charts in head circumference and weight for length.

He has been putting on a pound a month and doesn't seem to stop. He weighted 21 lbs in March, 23 lbs in May, 24 lbs in June and almost 27 lbs in August. I can't wait for him to start walking so I don't have to carry him in my arms as much. Although, I have to admit my upper arms were never as toned as in the past 6 months.

The day after his birthday we had a family and close friends get together to celebrate this milestone. The theme was 'little man' so he got a cake decorated with suspenders and bow tie. 

He is still a bit too young to understand the concept of opening presents, but there were plenty of other kids there to help him with that. Which at times also felt a little overwhelming. 

After all the presents were unwrapped we sang happy birthday and let him eat his chocolate face with blue frosting. I'm so glad we held the party outside. It was quite messy under his chair after we were done.

Andrew milestones:

- playing with balls
- playing peak a boo
- bath time (as long as the water faucet is not running)
- being held by Romy
- playing with Stella, Carson and Emilia

- Dada
- Mama
- Stella (although he doesn't know the meaning of the word)

- everything that is placed in front of me. How do you think I got this figure? But if I have to choose...
- milk
- blueberries
- grapes
- watermelon

- wave
- give high fives
- go up and down stairs
- walk along furniture and holding only one hand
- throw really loud temper tantrums ;)