Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stella Preschool Field Trip

Every year, towards the end of the school year Mrs. Butterfield takes the kids on a field trip to a working farm so the kids can see the animals they have been learning about at school.

The local 4H  High School club and neighboring farmers and ranchers do demonstrations and explain their work to the elementary school kids who come through.

The kids got to see, pet and some times feed farm animals. They saw a sheep being sheared and got to feel wool.

Stella had a good time trying to lasso a log, and ride on a pretend bull. There was a new booth this year about mosquitoes. We are so fortunate in South Jordan. The city sprays for mosquitoes so we hardly ever see one.  The presenter taught the kids about what things we can do to prevent mosquitoes from breeding by getting rid of standing water. The children got to wear these cool glasses with faceted lenses that showed the kids what mosquitoes see through their eyes. 

 The Herriman City police and fire department where there also. Stella got to stand in front of a mini fire truck the city uses for their parade.