Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Father's day to a great Dad!

This year I have learned that "love is love, is love, is love, is love." You don't need any official relation decreed by blood or courts to be a great parent to someone who needs of your love.

My kids have the best father ever! He is caring, loving, and playful to them. He is also a great provider, teacher, friend and example.

Each of the kids got to write Todd a note in their cards describing why they love him so much.
1. I love you because you lay down with me at night
2. I love you because you jump on the trampoline with me
3. I love you because you take care of me
4. I love you because you play with me. I miss you!

As gifts, he received a new PS3 controller from Carson. To be totally honest, Carson just wanted an excuse to get a second one for when his cousin, or daddy, decide to play Minecraft with him.
He also got a telescopic marshmallow roasting stick from Emilia. These two pronged sticks are great for roasting marshmallows because you can still spin the marshmallow when the center goes unlike what normally happens with single pronged sticks.

Stella gave Todd a new bump feed edger head. Just what mommy needed to edge the yard so that daddy doesn't have to ;)

Lastly, Todd got some timed light switches that he will be installing next week to automate our night time outdoor lights. That's something he really wanted.

I love this photo of Andrew and Carson. Andrew is just rubbing his head against Carson in a show of affection. One more thing they have learned from their dad!