Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break: Church History Museum

The kids have been asking me to take them to the newly renovated Church History Museum. We hardly ever venture downtown so it was all pretty new to them.

We drove to the court house and took Trax to City Creek Mall. Carson was convinced it was warm outside so he refuse to change out of his short and t-shirt before leaving. Needless to say, he was shivering and cold standing on the platform waiting for the train to arrive.

We all got warmed up walking through the mall and dreaded having to walk outside again but fortunately the sun came out from behind the clouds long enough to warm us during our brief walk through Temple Square and the Church History Museum.

The museum was wonderful. They have a lot of interactive displays to learn in greater depth about a subject. You could spend hours looking and reading all of what's available. One of my favorite things is the new video of Joseph Smith Jr.'s first vision. It is shown in an intimate theater with a wide angle 240 degree circular screen that gives the viewer the impression they are physically in the Sacred Grove.

There were sister volunteers with teaching carts they place in certain areas for the visitors to experience additional hands on activities. One sister taught the children several games played by children during the early 1900's. A second one, let the kids type with a type writer and write with a dip pen and inkwell. I remember owning a type writer growing up. I didn't think it was something that belonged in a museum but my kids had no clue how it worked.

On the second floor is the "I'll walk where Jesus Walk"  children exhibit. They had origami, tangram, building blocks all used to depict a spiritual message as well as  toddler play area and Nephi's ship for the kids to climb into.

A must do again for our family!