Sunday, March 27, 2016

Palm Sunday

With the Easter egg hunt crossed from our to-do list, we shifted gears and focused on the spiritual reason for Easter.  On Palm Sunday we had a lesson on Christ's triumphant entry to Jerusalem, His death and resurrection.

Each of the kids traced their hands on green paper and cut out their palms. Afterward, they each wrote down what they would do to welcome Jesus in their life.

We also made resurrection rolls. Each child rolled a white marshmallow, representing Christ pure and white, in butter and sugar and cinnamon symbolizing the oils and spices used to prepare a body; and placed it in a crescent roll signifying the tomb. Christ went into the tomb and a rock was placed in front of it so that his body would not be removed. When Mary went to look for him, he was not there. After they are baked, the rolls are hollow in the center where Christ was. 

That's the theory, at least! It was a Pinterest fail. Our marshmallows puffed up and broke open the tomb oozing from every side. Note to self: Don't use stale marshmallows from food storage :) 

The kids didn't care. They were very happy to eat a sugary treat.