Friday, February 19, 2016

Andrew is Six Months Old

Boy, it feels like Andrew hit six months and decided to get all his developmental milestones out in one week!

His first tooth came through on Monday. He had been abnormally cranky on Sunday night and Monday and we thought we was getting sick. There has been a lot of that going on around here lately. But no, Todd happened to check his gums and there was a new tooth on the bottom.

He has been rolling for a few weeks now but this week he's really perfected the science by rolling back and forth between his stomach and his back. Having the control to roll back onto his back makes his tummy time a lot more pleasurable for him. It is a double edge sword however because he is constantly rolling in his crib at night and on the floor when he is tired and has a harder time falling and staying asleep.

His last milestone was sitting up. His still doesn't have very strong back muscles so he tends to lean forward a lot but his balance has improved significantly. He lasts a lot longer sitting up and usually tips over as he leans sideways to reach for a toy, not because of lack of control.

Andrew's personality is also shining through. He is still as affable as ever. He is a super happy and mellow kid with a beautiful smile that comes easily.