Monday, November 30, 2015

Fall Family Portraits

In keeping with family traditions last October our family once again got all dressed up and took our own family portraits for the year. We chose to go to the American Fork Amphitheater right below the Mount Timpanogos Temple. It was a very beautiful spot.

The kids had fun climbing the stone amphitheater steps, running on the lawn and hiding behind trees. Once in a while they would stop and allow us to snap a few family pictures. We've learned over time that it doesn't have to take more than 20 minutes for the entire shoot and that the first few shots are usually the best so this year we just let the kids play around while we selected the best possible spots.

Todd's family decided to have a large family portrait taken a few weeks later so we had a second portrait session, this time at Murray Park. Todd took his own camera so after we were done with the large group, he snapped a few picture of the kids and of his parents.

These are the two finalists. Which one will go on our Christmas card? To be determined!