Monday, July 27, 2015

Timpanooke Camp with Whitney Family

I think this year we've started a new family tradition: camping with the Whitneys. They are probably my oldest friends since I've moved to the US. I met Claudia my first semester in college and we've stayed in touch through out the years even when we lived in Texas.

We decided to camp at Timpanooke the weekend of Independence Day. The kids had a great old time playing together. Even Carson, the only boy in the group enjoyed it - after all he's used to it, that's the way it is in our neighborhood too.

There were a ton of horse flies at camp. The kids could just catch them in their fists. They are nasty insects. Their bites stung me for days!  We finally decided to just keep the fire going all the time so that the smoke would keep them away.

On our second day we took the kids on a hike to Scout Falls. It is a 3.4 mile moderate hike.  The older kids did great. They sang and quoted lines from their favorite movie "Book of Life." Stella had to be carried for most of the hike. She can handle the distance but her pace is painfully slow. She keeps searching for stick and rocks to carry in her hand.

When we got back to camp Stella told Todd "Look, a cow!" We thought she was just making it up, but instead we saw a deer walking by a few feet away.

 Of course, it wouldn't be camping if we didn't roast marshmallows and make our biscuit dessert cups.

I love the picture of all the kids piling up on top of Emilia. You would think we only brought one chair!

Emilia's new favorite song is titled 'Cups' by Anna Kendrick. The song's beat comes from playing the cup game. The kids were singing the song a lot during camp. I think it became everyone's favorite. Jordan, who knew how to play the cup game,taught the older ones how to do it.