Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kauai - Kapaa and Lihue

I feel like we traveled to Kappa and Lihue almost every day for a reason or another. Unfortunately the beaches there are not all that impressive, in part because of the people who hang out there. There were lots of homeless man and women there, which made Todd and I uncomfortable.

Lihue has a lot of history and it was interesting to read about it as we walked along the bike and pedestrian path that follows the coast. We even came across an old picture of the original LDS church from 1933. The building is still there and is part of a much larger complex of buildings that make the Stake Center for the island. There are at least two other chapels in Kauai.

On this trip I learned about the sacred Heiau on the islands. On our fist hike we came across a sign that designated the area we were crossing as sacred fishing grounds. I couldn't really tell where it started or it ended. It was all just a cluster of lava rocks on the shore.

These are actually the remnants of one of the several Heiau across the island. A Heiau is a Hawaiian temple and it's part of the ancient religious practices of the local Hawaii people. In ancient times only Chiefs and Priests were allowed into some of them. Each Heiau had a different purpose.

Of course, while we were in Kapaa we could not miss Ono shaved ice. It is the best on the island.
On our way home to Poipu we drove through the famous tree tunnel. It is made from hundreds of Eucalyptus trees planted over a century ago.

Kappa is also where the big cruise ships dock when coming to the island. These boats are ginormous! This photo doesn't do it justice!