Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Carson Preschool Graduation

My little guy graduated from preschool on May 14th. It was a bitter sweet celebration. It was a little sad to think that he won't be in class with Luke and Kloee again but he is so excited to go to the same school his big sister attends.

Stella will begin attending Mrs. Angela Butterfield 3 year old preschool in the fall so it wasn't a good-bye for us, but just a see you after the summer break!

The ceremony was held in the garage because of the rain that we keep having everyday. The kids stood in front of us and sang the alphabet sound song and signed the motion of the letter and the word associated with it. Afterwards they received a certificate of graduation and a diploma with the dates when the kids passed off their upper case, lower case letters and the numbers of books read.

Carson has read 37 book from his school. He is quite a good reader. Nothing intimidates him. Not ever scriptures.

At the beginning of the school year the kids drew a picture of themselves. They drew another on the last day of school. I asked Carson what his picture depicted. He told me it was him jumping on the trampoline. I thought it looked more like him skinny dipping in the pool :)

After the graduation we celebrated both kids' achievements by getting some smoothies at McDonalds and playing in their play area. They thought it was the best party ever!