Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Todd's Birthday

This year we celebrated December birthdays with Todd family about a week before his actual birthday. Then, we celebrated December birthdays with some good friends who live in our neighborhood on Saturday. The husbands all happen to celebrate their birthdays in December so we got together for cake and ice-cream after dinner.

Todd loves roasting marshmallows on the camp fire. It is one of his favorite things about camping so when I came across this idea online for a birthday cake I just HAD to do it!

Baking is something I do but only if I must. While I was shopping at Sam's Club I saw the perfect cake and I just had to buy it. Not having to make it meant it would taste great and I would save myself a couple of hours of work. The lady who was giving away samples asked if I would like to try it. I thought "Who cares what it tastes like. All I care about is the way it looks."
To make the flames the kids unwrapped and crushed about 60 pieces of cinnamon and butterscotch candy. We laid them out on a baking sheet and melted them in the oven for a few minutes. After they cooled we snapped them into smaller pieces and stuck them on the cake. The rest was easy, I broiled some marshmallows and used chocolate Pirouettes for the logs. 

Todd spent his birthday playing with his new 'toys', running audio and network wire and building a 110' screen for our new media room. More on that to come...

Every night we take turns telling each other why the other spouse is amazing without repeating what's been said before. So, for the past year we've shared over 150 reasons and a theme has begun to emerge. Todd is amazing because he truly is a:
1. Selfless and playful father
2. Loving husband
3. Happy and cheerful friend
4. Great listener

This year has not been one of our best, with several major trials who have really burden our hearts heavily at times. I am so grateful to have had a great spouse to cheer me up and strengthen me and vice versa. Happy Birthday Todd!!