Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Photos


We have a beautiful weeping willow in our front yard. The kids love running through it and pretending to be in the jungle during the summer months. My favorite season is spring, because it looks gorgeous with beautiful pink blossoms that willow down almost to the ground.

So this year, instead of our traditional pictures among the Blue Bonnets of Texas, the hubby snapped some photos next to the trees.

 Carson being a goof ball, was actually the hardest to take pictures of. He just wouldn't keep a straight face.  He's become such a talker lately. Every is commenting on it. I love hearing him speak at this age. His observations are so honest. He is also very specific in his words. "Mom, that's not a train, it's an engine."

His prayers are the best. Just last night for family prayers he asked Heavenly Father for more fruit snacks in the car and that Jesus would be safe and protected this Easter. He says it with complete faith that God is listening to his prayers and not thinking "I'm asking with mom and dad listening to what I'm saying."

I had to include a picture of Emilia with her head turned to the side. If you know her, you know that look she gives when she is being silly.

Yesterday I took her shopping with her own money. She was wearing a satchel purse, skinny jeans, and a 80's style blouse. She looked so big! Not a little girl anymore. I know, because I'm having a hard time finding beautiful princess-style Easter dresses in her size anymore. The are all starting to look more grown up and revealing.

Just this week she told me "I shouldn't wear this because it's immodest." I asked her what made it immodest and she replied "It has no sleeves." Good for her!

Stella was the easiest to photograph this time. In fact, there were too many good pictures to choose from.

Over the last week or so she has began repeating what we say with much more clarity.  She still mumbles a lot of incomprehensible words but now some of it is beginning to make more sense. I wonder if she'll be a talker, the way Carson has become.

She is very affectionate, always giving hugs. She is not too fond of kisses though. If you do she will wipe them right off of her face.