Friday, April 4, 2014

Library Adventures

I strongly believe that kids who are read to at an early age, and who have books available to them in their home are better prepared to read and to learn once they begin school.

Emilia is a wonderful little reader and is now beginning to read to her younger siblings, who love to listen and mimic her.

Over the past month I've been attending story time at the various libraries across town. I wanted to compare the different programs each of them offers.

Just this week we went to the Taylorsville branch to see Christopher Fair's Magic Show. He was wonderful! Carson LOVED every second of it and had to go shake Mr. Fair's hand after the performance. Mr. Fair was funny, engaging, entertaining, animated. I've seldom seen Carson get as excited as during that show and had to tell everyone about it afterwards.

We've also attended the Draper library story time. Carson loved the train theme they use to decorate that branch. Everyone gets a ticket at check in. There is a felt curtain over the door in the shape of a train with a cutout for little kids to lift and pass through. And, next to the door is a mailbox in the shape of a train, where you drop off your ticket.

Every library we've attended includes the same activities: the kids dance, jump, sing songs and listen to a story or two. Some even do crafts.

Even Stella, who hadn't been to a 'tales for tots' until recently, is getting the reading bug.