Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY PVC Pipe Bike Stand

Our house is a parking lot of bikes, trikes and scooters. Since we didn't have a designated place for them to store them, the kids would just leave them laying on the cement or the lawn somewhere in the back yard. They would also just drop them and go do something else instead of resting them against something.

I decided to browse the web for some bike racks similar to what you find on sidewalks downtown or near school buildings. The price tag was ridiculous! Who is willing to pay $500 to have one at home?

So I began my search again and discover plans for DIY PVC bike stand. So an evening last week the hubby got out the saw and cut all the pieces to specification. It was easy enough that the kids help assemble the parts together like a puzzle.

Now the kids know where they must park their wheeled vehicles before leaving the back yard to do something else and I'm happy!