Saturday, February 15, 2014

Monster Truck Show

Todd took Carson on a Valentine's date to the Monster Truck Show at the Energy Solutions Arena. (Our Valentine's date is tonight).

They had third row seating to the event, so they got to literally taste the dirt and fumes that flew up from the track whenever a truck peeled in front of them.

The sound level was incredibly high. Todd tried to measure the decibels with an app on his phone. It stopped reading at 100 dBs because the microphone couldn't handle anything louder. At times, Todd's ears hurt even with earplugs.

I was researching it on-line. 110 dB is the average human pain threshold it is comparable to a live Rock music concert or a car horn at 1 meter distance.

Carson's favorite part was the intermission show. They had four motor cross bikes jumping 30 ft in the air while doing free style tricks and landing on the other side of the arena. One rider let go of the bike all together while flying in the air and getting back on the bike just before landing on the opposite ramp. Another did a backflip. I'm glad I'm not their mother!

Carson really enjoyed his Valentine's date with his Dad but when Todd asked him if he wanted to go to another Monster Truck race he thought for a minute and replied 'No thank you.'