Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catching up

I won't bored you with the many reasons why it has taken me so long to get back to blogging. It is not a New Year's resolution, so I hope it won't have a short-lived life like most New Year's resolutions seem to do.

Here is a brief recap:

Emilia is in first grade at a local charter school. She began taking piano lessons a couple of months ago and really enjoys it. Just last week she got her first pair of glasses. She looks so much older wearing them.
Carson still loves all things that move - boats, trains, planes, cars, tractors - you name it! He's been attending pre-school twice a month. He knows a lot from all those on-line learning games he plays with Emilia. He still has another year left of pre-school before starting kindergarten. I'm sure he'll be more than ready when the time comes.
Stella is still a baby to us, although she'll be two in February. She is sweet and happy. She loves to cuddle and doesn't like to share her mom or daddy with anyone.
Todd is still working for the Modellers Research Group. This summer was his 11th year with the company. He has also committed to helping Emilia with her piano lessons, so he spend time each evening working with her on her music homework. It was a commitment they both had to make and it's worked out great. The other night they played a duet of Jolly Old St. Nicholas and they sounded really good.
My schedule has changed a lot from what it used to be before Emilia started 1st grade. Aside from carpool, music lessons, and church commitments I am also a special volunteer for her school assemblies. There are several throughout the year and they are a big deal for the students and the community.  In November we held five Veterans Day Celebrations among the school five campuses. In addition to the schools' 3800+ students, there were hundreds of veterans in attendance. Local dignitaries and the media also came.  It's been fun to use my professional skills in this two-year commitment.
So, that's the abbreviated version of what has been going on in our lives over the last few months!
Keep checking back often. Who knows, I might decide to post again soon :)