Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Dounut Falls Hike

On Monday we took the kids on a hike to Donut Falls. It is a popular trail for families with little children so it was really busy.

The kids were champs! Especially Stella who walked part of it on her own. She loves rocks so her eyes grew wide as we began the unpaved portion of the hike. I could just see the thoughts going through her mind "This is great! Which one should I chose? Let's see how many I can hold in one hand." That slowed us down a bit, but we convinced her to pick one and carry it with her and she was content.

On the way up we decided to take the lower trailer nearer the river. We pretty much had it all to ourselves. The scenery was spectacular. It reminded me of hiking in the north part of Washington State. Just really green and lush vegetation everywhere.

The trail got crowded when we merged with the other path right before the falls. We decided to travel the higher, more popular trail on the way back. In my opinion it wasn't as beautiful as the first.

P.S.: Emilia told me today that she doesn't like her toothless smile. She plans to make a closed lip grin for pictures until her front teeth grow in. Already her self esteem is wavering and she's only six years old! Where is this coming from?

I've reassured her that all of her friends at school are going through the natural process of losing their baby teeth for their permanent teeth. So, if you see her, would you please compliment her for her beautiful smile? Thanks!!