Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Family Pictures

We had our family portrait taken about a month ago. The photos turned out great. Here are a few of our favorites.

Carson fell asleep on our drive up to the park where we took the pictures. It took a while for him to decide that the photographer was all right, even though she was the reason his nap got cut short. He refused to smile or smirk even for the first few poses. In the end, I think she got a lot of good individual shots of him to make up for the difficult start.


Stella had just started standing when we took our pictures. Her face is of pure delight from standing all on her own.

I love Carson's mischievous smile and Emilia's pose. The picture really captures their personality. Carson looking for something to climb, while Emilia sits like a princess with her legs crossed off to the side.

Todd asked me "Why did the photographer crop our heads?" Good question! It a popular pose right now, but I bet it would have turned out great with our faces in it :)