Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stella's four generation picture

On Saturday we headed up to Pocatello Idaho to accomplish two things. First, we wanted Stella to meet her great-grandma Loveland. Last time we had seen her was in Nov. 2011 so the visit was long overdue. Second, we wanted to attend the wedding reception of a friend of the family from Texas.

Kalee is a young woman I served with at church a few years back while living in Arlington. She met her husband while attending college at BYU Idaho and they were married in December in Dallas. He happens to be from Pocatello so the family had a reception at their home in Idaho and we were fortunate enough to be able to attend.

It was so great seeing everyone! Although our trip was brief we got to visit with Todd's grandma and aunt as well as Kalee's parents who flew up from TX for the occasion.

The kids had a great time spotting grandma Loveland's four cats and admiring her winter village, which takes two walls in her dining room.

The wedding reception was held at the groom's house. They are really into wrestling and have all kinds of equipment in the basement where the tables were set out. Emilia had fun putting on some boxing gloves and hitting the punching bag a few times. She tried the elliptical machine but her arms couldn't reach the handles so she lost interest pretty quickly.