Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holidays 2012

 We had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas this year. We were fortunate enough to get some snow so after a lazy morning of opening presents the kids took their new sled out in the backyard for some fun.

Thank you all so much for the many cards and letters you sent us. It is always fun to read about what has been going on in your lives during the past year and to see how much you and your kids have changed.

Santa brought Carson a very large Thomas the Train track with a drop bridge and other fancy things. He absolutely loved it and played with it the entire morning. We gave up asking him to open the rest of his presents and just let him enjoy it while the rest of us opened ours. All of Carson's Christmas morning pictures were of him kneeling somewhere around the track playing with a train.

Emilia asked Santa for a play cell phone. She used to have a bunch before we moved. I guess they didn't make the cut when I purged through toys to decide what we were taking. That's not all she received but definitely her favorite Santa gift. She also received her much wanted Cinder Slippers Lallaloopsy doll and an unicorn Pillow Pet Dream Lite.

Stella got a wipes warmer (to replace the one that was stolen from us) and a ball popper which she loves.

Todd and my Christmas were very practical. There were a lot of things that we realized we needed after moving into the new house. Some were attached to our old home and had to be left behind, like the laser parking assist or wall mirrors, other were new needs because of the way the house is laid out.

Each year the kids write Santa a letter. This was their reply letter. Thank you Santa!