Sunday, December 23, 2012

Todd's Birthday

On Monday we celebrated Todd's 36th birthday. The kids helped make strawberry trifle -one of his favorite desserts. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Humphries' house for cake and presents. 

He got some fun new toys like a RC helicopter to fly around the house with Carson and some floor speakers to replace the ones we left in Texas. As always, the kids had a fun time helping him unwrap presents.

On his actual birthday I met him at work and we went out to Thai for lunch. That's one thing I like about being back in Salt Lake, a greater variety of foreign restaurants nearby.

Happy birthday hon!  Here are 36 reasons why you are great:

1. Dedication to your family
2. Still a kid at heart
3. Happy disposition
4. Incredibly patient
5. An awesome father
6. Good provider
7. Spiritually strong
8. Good friend
9. Tech savvy
10. Fun to be around
11. A good son
12. Trustworthy
13. Handy around the house
14. Reliable
15. Really smart
16. A good brother
17. Handsome
18. Good cook
19. Supportive
20. Hard working
21. Financially responsible
22. Courteous
23. Compassionate
24. A good listener
25. A great role model to the kids
26. A good teacher
27. Fair
28. Respectful of women
29. Open to feedback
30. Honest
31. Committed to your marriage
32. Affectionate towards your family
33. Generous
34. Self-disciplined
35. Humble, and
36. an Amazing husband