Monday, September 17, 2012

We sold the house

I type this up on Sept. 4 and am just now getting around to posting it.

This morning we officially sold our house. It is a strange feeling to know we are no longer going to be living in the home and state we've grown to love over the past six years. I think the reality is a little sadder than it would normally be because of our uncertainty on the other end. We still don't have a house in Utah.

The packing is coming along great. We are mostly done except for our luggage and some odds and ends. The loaders are coming tomorrow morning at 8 am and we expect to be done by no later than 2pm.

Todd's parents are both flying into town tomorrow afternoon and turning right around to drive back with us to Utah. Now that's love!

 My parents have been remarkably helpful as well. They've been coming everyday for the last week to watch the kids so I could pack. I wouldn't be nearly as ready without their help.

I've had several experiences that have reaffirmed my conviction that we are following the Lord's will with our decision to move. I just can't wait to look back and appreciate His hand at this time in my life once it's all said and done.

There have been several things happen that have made things more exciting and sometimes fun over the last couple of weeks.

A good friend gave us a call to inform us that her daughter had head lice. Sure enough, Emilia, Carson and I all had it. Emilia had it worst than all. It was plain gross to pull them off her hair and the  the comb. It makes me itch just thinking about it.

Another of Emilia's friend went swimming at our neighbor's pool on Saturday and ask Emilia if she wanted to join her. The first thing I packed when we decided to go to Utah was the swimming suits. We looked for something for her to wear. In the end, we found a black leotard for her to wear. Emilia was elated that she got to swim.

Yesterday Todd went into the attic to run some wire. Arthur followed him in and decided to releave himself in the insulation. I laugh when Todd told me he had to clean dog poo from the attic.

What a fun few days!