Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas this year fell on a Sunday. It was great to be able to attend church, sing songs and listen to the choir program. It really set the mood for the day.

The kids are still young enough that they don't wake up super early to see what Santa has brought them. We finally woke them up at about 7:30 am and let them unwrap their big gift plus stockings. We then attended church at 9:00 am and opened the rest of the gifts after our church meetings.

My parents joined us for church and had Christmas dinner with us. The kids enjoyed having nonno and nonna over. It took Carson a long time to unwrap all of the gifts. He had to play with each one of them before moving on to the next present.

After dinner we had a video call with Grandma and Grandpa Humphries in Utah. By the time that was over I was exhausted. I was jealous of Arthur taking a nap on his bed.

On Monday I had the fun job of finding a place for all of the kids' new toys. Some how they all have a spot in the playroom.

With Christmas and birthdays behind us is now time to shift my focus on getting ready for our biggest gift of 2012, the baby girl joining our family in just a few more weeks.