Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Cake Balls

I've been on a Halloween kick lately in part because of how much Emilia loves this holiday as well as my own excitement towards it.

Last week we took out our Halloween home decorations from the garage and set them up while listening to the Monster Mash and Ghost Busters and then we baked sugar cookies and frosted them in purple with spider sprinkles.

On Friday we were getting low on sugar so we decided to make cake balls. Emilia loves to help out in the kitchen and baking treats is definitely tasty all the way through.

The process of making them is simple and it requires several steps that can be tackled at different times so it was great for Emilia because we did as much as we wanted and then got back to it when we were ready to tackle some more.

The best part is that even Carson could help. After I scooped out the batter he would roll them to shape them into balls and insert the lollipop stick in them.  Emilia really enjoyed decorating them and since it's Halloween, the more spooky, the better.

Here is a link to instructions on how to make them. The recipe is found at the bottom of the page.