Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wailua River

On Saturday we kayaked the Wailua river with friends. From the river we hiked to Secret falls and swam in the pond underneath it. The rainy winter season has just now began so the waterfall was not as impressive as it would be in the spring but the water felt good nonetheless.

To reach the falls we had to cross a river by holding on to a rope perpendicular to the water. At the deepest point the water was just shy of three feet so we had to carry Emilia across.

On our hike we saw some pineaple growing wild along the trail. Until I arrived to Hawaii I thought that pineaple grew on trees not on the ground.

We also kayaked to the fern grotto. The most fun part of the whole trip was jumping into the river from a tree swing. It was scary for me at first. I was afraid I might hit the side of the tree as I jumped but that never happened. I could have stayed there forever.