Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oahu - Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor Memorial is a solemn reminder of the realities of war and the sacrifice the men and women in our armed forces are willing to go through to protect our land and our freedom.

To me the greatest trajedy were the civilian casualties. Among them there was a three year old Hawaian girl killed by friendly fire. I'm very grateful to live in a country where my own three year old little girl can live safely and enjoy so many new experiences.

While we were on the USS Arizona memorial we could see oil seaping from the ship and floating up to the surface. To many these oil drops represent the tears of those killed on that tragic day.

We were also able to visit the Missouri battleship where the Japanese signed their unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces. At 887 feet in lenght, the Missouri is a huge ship to walk through. We saw much of it but by the time we were done the kids crashed hard.