Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lumahi Beach

♪ I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair
And send him on his way ♪

Lumahi is the beach where the 'wash hair' scene from South Pacific was filmed.

 The ocean surf is really strong and dangerous unless you are a strong swimmer. There is a beautiful river on one end of the beach. That is where I like to take the kids during the day.

Emilia is thrilled to swim in 'water with no waves' as she calls it. She begs to get in the river as soon as we get to the beach. It's usually the other way around, we have to coax her to play in the ocean.

One of the times we were ther I swam across the river to the other side.
The top right photo is a picture of me after climbing on the rock wall across the river. It's not a very wide river but it's really cold water!

There are always coconuts laying on the sand of almost every beach we've been to. Lumahi beach is the first time I've seen one sprout.