Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another week in Paradise

We're still exploring Kauai. Even when we return to the same spots we experience different things.

By far the best think this week for me was snorkling at Tunnels beach. I got to swim with sea turtles. I took some pictures with an under water camera, but the film is developing so it'll be another week until I can show you all how cool it was.

The first time I went out we were following the turtle trying to get close. The second time around the turtle was only inches away. I could have reached out and touched it.

We swam along for a few seconds, that felt like an eternity, an the turtle was gone into the depths of the ocean.

This is not my photo, but it looked just like it, except I was much closer.

We also discovered Larsen's beach. It's not really a swimming beach but it's very pictureseque and thriving with wild life.

It took us a while to find our way there. To access it we had to drive on a dirt road for about a mile. Everything about this beach is beautiful, even the drive to get there.

While we were walking along we met a man who was camping out near a tree by the beach waiting for some turtle eggs to hatch. He had been there 60 days prior and saw the turtle lay and bury the eggs in the sand. He came back to make sure there were no problems when the baby turtles were born that night.
He even brought a rake to smooth out the sand from the nest to the shore. I would have really loved to see that!

The dirt in Kauai is really red and it doesn't come off your clothes or shoes once they are stained. I found out the hard way.
The beautiful thing about Larsen's beach is that trees grow right up to where the sand begins.

The sun sets at about 6:45 pm here in Kauai. The color of the clouds are just amazing.

I'm still waiting for a sunset where the clouds don't get in front of the sun as it sets on the horizon.

We saw another shark this week. This is a white tip reef shark. Much smaller than the baby tiger shark from Monday. This one was full grown and measured about 3 ft and weighted about 20 lbs.

Emila was really freaked out by it. She would not get close to it for anything.
We found it on the shores of Tunnels beach where we were snorkling. They usually swim in water as shallow as 36 ft. I never go that far out. At Tunnels you just need to look into the water to see large fish swimming around.

We saw some black swan at the Grand Hyatt resort on Poipu. I had never seen black swans before.
- Romy