Friday, June 18, 2010

Carson's Six Months Stats

I took Carson this week to his pediatrician. She's a really nice doctor. She always makes me feel like I'm such a good mother to my kids and that I know what I'm doing.

These are his stats:
Height: 28 inches - 95 percentile
Weight: 17.9 lbs - 50 percentile

He's almost sitting up all by himself. He lasts a little longer every day but still wobbles to one side or the other and doesn't know how to get back up.

He has started eating some solids. We began feeding him some rice cereal at about five months. He's now trying the rice puffs and baby food. He's ok with carrots and doesn't care for squash and bananas.

I love to watch my little man eat. The facial expressions he makes when he's tasting the food or chewing with his gums are priceless.

He never took to the bottle so we've tried introducing a sippy cup but he's not interested in it either. I'm working diligently on it but it's turning out to be a difficult task. I guess we'll take it a bite at the time.

Carson cleaning daddy's ear. Someone has got to do it.

He's starting to speak one sillable sounds. He says 'ma-ma' all of the time. I know he doesn't know the meaning of the word but it makes me feel so good to hear him say it.

Carson is still sleeping well through the night. He just needs to be put down on his crib and he'll go to sleep on his own. I can't even say how much I love him for allowing me to get all of the rest I need after I'm done playing with them and caring for the family.