Monday, May 10, 2010

Carson is five months old

It feels as if I just wrote about Carson's four month old milestones. He's getting really big. He weights about 17-18 lbs and is having to wear 9 months clothes because of his length and width.

Carson is all smiles. He recognizes familiar faces and voices and smiles wide toothless grins when he sees Todd, Emilia and me. Early mornings are the best. He's so happy to see us that he squeals in joy.

Emilia is more interested in playing with her little brother now that he is a lot more animated and vocal. The other day she played ring around the rosie with Carson while I held him up from undeath his arms. They both had great fun.

Carson loves his thumb more than ever - I don't know when I should start trying to break the habit - Any sugestions? He is staring to roll over from his back to his stomach. He's doing allright but he could be a little more successful if he would just get the thumb out of his mouth so that his arm is not in the way.