Friday, December 18, 2009

Who's in the picture?

Yesterday I was looking through the Conference issue of the Ensign with Emilia when we came across the photos of all General Authorities.

I pointed out President Monson's picture and asked her "Emilia, do you know who that is?"
She replied "Yes mama, President Monster."
~ //~
The photo on the front of the program for our Stake Conference a few weeks ago was that of Jesus' second coming.

In an effort to keep Emilia entertained I started showing her pictures of different things and asking her to tell me what she saw. When I pointed to the photo in the program she got really exited and exclaimed "Jesus Christ!!!"

People around us got a good chuckle... it really sounded as if she was yelling blasphemy in the middle of stake conference.


Tina said...

HE HE HE. What cute stories! Thanks for sharing them.

Marie said...

Oh, how funny! Thank you for the good giggle!