Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowmen for Christmas

I can't believe we had 75 degrees yesterday and today it has been snowing non-stop. I look out of the window and I don't feel like I'm living in Texas. I couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for Christmas. Now if it will just return to 75 degrees for the weekend...

One of our friends gave the book 'If you give a cat a cupcake' for Christmas to Emilia. She's really enjoyed reading it and today she asked for cupcakes for breakfast.

The kitchen is not my forte but I was inspired by the weather outside to make some snowmen and snowflake cupcakes. I thought they turned out all-right. I enjoyed making them while Emilia had a fun time licking the beaters and sampling the candy I used for decoration. She did help decorate some of the cupcakes also.
My favorite is the clown snowman (furst from the left)