Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funny words

Emilia's vocabulary is growing like crazy. But it is still hard to understand all of what she says, especially for strangers that don't realize she's mixing Spanish with English when she speaks.

Todd's office phone has a feature that allows him to test the voice delay in the line by echoing what's said. Emilia absolutely LOVES to hear herself talk on the phone. She can do it for hours. When she gets older I'll have to look into those unlimited minutes cell phone plans or she'll break the bank. She is a chatty Cathy on the phone.

Anyways, earlier today she was playing with her pretend food in Todd's office when she turns to him and says 'Look dad, porn!' Needless to say, that startled him. She was actually pointing at some corn.


Manatee25 said...

HEHEHE. Aren't those little word mix-ups so much fun.

Marie said...

Haha! Corn on the cob will never be thought of the same again! =D

The Hofer Family said...

That's great. Matilda is the same way. Every time she says drive, I think she says die.

kieran said...

I am so glad she says that... we were in Target a few days ago and I told the kids if they were good I would get them a treat. (I never do this, so they were excited) Avery picked candy corn and Graham happily carried it while we went to check out. Every now and again he would announce "CANDY PORN!"... so embarrasing. I called Kevin and told him that the kids were so good in the store that I bought them candy porn... he laughed. I love little kid language!

Claudia said...

That is sooo funny!!!! While I was reading your post I was lol so hard that Jordan stopped was he was doing, turned around and asked me what was so funny?....When i read your post aloud, he bursted laughing too. Good times to remember.

Good to hear you are all good.