Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bandana Backpacks

For youth conference next week we'll be going on a two-day pioneer treck. A pioneer treck is a re-enactment of the travels across the central planes and rocky mountains that the LDS people had to make in the mid 1800's to avoid persecution.

Just like back in those days, the youth will be carrying all of their posessions on handcarts. They will have to pull what they bring with them for aprox. 8-1o miles on the first day and another 3 miles on he second day.

It's a great opportunity for them to leave behind their cell phones, Ipods, video games, etc. learn team work, bond with each other and draw neare to God.

Last week we made drawstring backpacks from bandanas for the girls to carry all of their stuff in them. Their goal is to only bring with them what they can fit in the bag (except for water and sleeping bag).

They were really cute and easy to make and the girls really liked them. You should try to make them too!

I can't wait to go on the treck. I think it will be lots of fun as long as I don't meet any snakes on the path.