Saturday, March 7, 2009

It all started with some chairs

For about a month I've been wanting to buy some chairs for the craft table I have in my dining room. I priced the chairs and realized than for a little more I could buy a new dining room set for my kitchen and move the one that is currently there into the dining room to use for my crafts.

Some where along the way I got the decorating/home improvement bug and started envisioning how I would like my house to look. So for the last week I've been shopping around for counter tops and flooring. I just hired a company to replace my current kitchen counter tops and back splash and have someone lined up to do the floors. I'm really excited for the face lift my house is going to get.

I'm still shopping around for the flooring materials so if you know of a place that sells quality flooring at a good price, please let me know.

BTW, if you are looking for contractors to do some work on your house, check That's where I found mine. You can see pictures of their work. Many times they'll quote their rates on their posting. Just make sure to check references!

Did I get the chairs I needed? Not yet, but I hope to get them once the floor is installed. I'll make sure to post pictures as the work progresses.

Bye bye kitchen countertops, sink and backsplash! I've been waiting to get rid of them for 3 yrs.


Tiffany said...

Hi Romy,

I got the same bug last year and found my contractors on Service Magic. They are prescreened and come with references most of the time. I received 3 bids on my granite and was able to get a really great deal on my counter tops which included a free sink!

I have gone back to Service magic several times for other projects. They have been great! Good luck!

Romy said...

Thanks for the tip Tiffany!