Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bath time fun

Emilia's first word in Spanish was 'agua'. That's how much she loves to play in and with water. There was a time when she hated the bath tub but now she can't get enough of it.
A couple of nights ago Todd and I decided to add a drop of body wash to her water and turn on the jets. We didn't realized how many bubbles that little drop was going to make.

She had a fun time blowing, tasting and wearing the foamy water.

"Mommy do you want some too, there's plenty to share?"

"This water tastes yummy!"
"This is the best bath ever"

Forty five minutes of play time were not enough. When she realized we were draining the water she started to cry. She was sitting in the tub with no more water, looking like a raisin and shivering and did not want to get out.
It's hard to believe that less than a year ago she hated baths and would cling to us when we put her in the tub. Now she can't wait to get in even if she is fully clothed.